Superhero Shredding Review


This post is a review of the body transformation program “Superhero Shredding”.

Have you ever seen a movie with a super ripped movie star and really wished you had a physique like that? I’m sure that many guys could answer yes to this question. And many would have also searched online to try to find the workout and diet plans of the actor(s) who got ripped for certain movies. 

Millions of people have a deep fascination with movie star physiques. Every time a star shows up on screen with a lean, shredded body, gossip and chat can be heard everywhere “How did he get so ripped? It’s actually a good thing when someone becomes inspired by a movie star to get in shape. However, getting those ripped abs and lean muscles you see actors with in movies is NOT easy in terms of physical effort, time invested and nutritional discipline. In most cases, it would be almost impossible for the average person to use the same program used by an actor to get in shape like the actor.

Here is why..

Actors get paid a lot of money for getting in shape for a movie role, so they give extra dedication to their program when they are required to burn fat and build muscle to get in front the camera. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal once said in an interview “it’s “easy” to work your a** off when you’re getting paid millions to work your a** off, then the “easy” part makes sense.

The reality is that these actors’ workout programs are very intensive and their diets are very strict, but they go through it because they are being paid millions of dollars to do their job.

For the average person, trying to mimic the exact workout an diet plan of a celebrity is a recipe for disaster. They’re too extreme and don’t produce long-term results. They are simply designed to help the actor get in shape for their movie role as quickly as possible.

Although they help the actors get in great shape to look good on screen they aren’t optimal for the long run if you want to build a perfectly lean and muscular physique that doesn’t require you to spend your life in the gym while eating a highly strict diet. This is exactly why most celebrities only look good for their movie roles but don’t maintain that shape after the movie comes out.

So what if there is a body transformation system that allows you to get similar results like actors that got in awesome shape for a movie, but uses a different approach that is more easy to follow for an ordinary person.

Introducing Superhero Shredding


Superhero Shredding is a fat loss and muscle building program created exclusively for guys who want a Hollywood physique like the famous movie stars without killing themselves in the gym and eating ridiculously restrictive diets that destroy their metabolism and cause rebound weight gain.

The program was created by Keith Lai, a popular blogger and fitness advisor, who perfected the system after countless amounts of tinkering and playing around with different workouts and diets. Instead of slaving away at the gym 5+ times per week like most Hollywood actors, you’ll only workout 3x per week to build your lean muscular body. Instead of groaning through the program, you’ll actually enjoy your workouts and not dread going to the gym. And dieting would be very easy.  You’ll be able to eat massive, delicious meals consisting of all your favorite foods every day.


I must admit that I am very impressed by Superhero Shredding. Not only is this a unique fitness program that delivers a system that is much needed in the present fitness market, but it is also a high quality product that over-delivers in value. The program is well presented, making it simple and easy follow. I recommend it to all guys who want a good program for building a movie star physique.

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