Rachel Frederickson From The Biggest Loser Regained Some Weight And Defended Her Weight Loss

The Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson regained some weight and defended her controversial weight loss, according to reports from the Dailymail. Weeks after 24 -year-old Frederickson won the The Biggest Loser and received the $25,000.00 price, she appeared on the Today show to do an interview and displayed a fuller, healthier look. Rachel Frederickson andRead More

Rachel Frederickson Biggest Loser Weight Loss: The Real Reason She Looks So Thin And Unhealthy?

The Biggest Loser is a reality television show in the U.S that centers on overweight contestants attempting to lose the most weight, and the winners are rewarded with cash prizes. The show now very popular on television started airing in 2004. Rachel Frederickson is the winner of The Biggest Loser  which is also a record-breaking victoryRead More

Keep Your Money, Pay With 30 Squats: New Payment System In Moscow Russia To Ride The Subway


Russia is steadily preparing for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games which they will be hosting. They are building new venues and modernizing their telecommunications, electric power, and transportation systems to make sure that they create a good impression and make the Winter Olympic Games a success. But one very odd thing that the Russian OlympicRead More