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review of metabolicWe are waiting for the release of a fat loss program for women called Metabolic Renewal by Jade Teta who is known to be a knowledgeable expert in the fitness field especially in the area of metabolic and women issues. If you are a woman who is interested in learning how to optimize your metabolism to get better fat loss results, or you want a fitness program that is specifically designed for your female body and circumstances, then you would want to check this program out. You will learn how to use specific and effective exercise and nutrition methods to help you get the body you want.

When you are trying to get in shape it is important to understand the metabolism and how it affects your fitness goals. The important thing to know about the metabolism is that it is changeable and always working towards balance or adjusting to different conditions in your life. This natural action of the metabolism to adapt and react is systematically ignored in the weight loss industry. But Jade Teta is one of the few fitness experts who are consistently teaching about the metabolism, and all of his programs I know of have some type metabolic strategy.

What Is Metabolic Renewal?

This program is mainly targeted towards women who want to burn fat, tone muscle and improve health. Being a renowned fitness expert who is extremely focused on the metabolism, Dr. Jade Teta, created this fitness program that is aimed at women who want to lose weight, sculpt muscle and revitalize health.

This program works with a special approach to nutrition and exercise that are designed to optimize your metabolism and energize your fitness efforts. Inside the program, you’ll also see Teta discuss the wrong diet and exercise approaches that prevent persons from getting optimal results. Teta believes that working towards renewing the metabolism to function at its most optimal level is an important strategy in the fight against body fat, low energy, and aging.

I also believe this method is a sensible approach to fat loss, which is why we decided to do metabolic renewal reviews before and after the program launches.

In terms of what you get, the Metabolic Renewal program offers exclusive advice and step by step instructions thought via multiple videos and written components that you would follow to put the system to use. The program has been perfected by Jade Teta based on his expertise and experience working with many women clients over the years. And there’s nothing like it on the internet.

Is It Worth It?

One great thing about Metabolic Renewal is it is not a generic fitness program unlike most of the programs that are on the market right now. Everything about the program is specifically targeted toward women and it addresses the important underlying issues that affect a woman’s results when she is trying to get in her best shape.

Another great thing about the program is the creator is a qualified and credible expert with a proven track record in the fitness field. So yes I believe it is worth it. And if you decide to get it early during the launch at the early bird price it’s even a greater bargain.

metabolic renewal

Why You Need To Address Your Metabolism For Optimal Fat Loss

The thing about everybody’s metabolism is that it changes and adapts in accordance with changes in your life. And one of the major functions of the metabolism is to help you adapt and react to your circumstances and environment. Here are some of the changes in your life that the metabolism will react to:

  1. Increase in stress
  2. Sleep deprivation
  3. Menses
  4. Pregnancy
  5. Menopause
  6. Andropause
  7. Getting older
  8. Periods of overeating
  9. Periods of under-eating
  10. Times of intense and frequent exercise
  11. Times of relaxation and recovery

Normally, some of these changes would have negative effects on your metabolism and fitness goals. But if you understand how the metabolism works and how to deal with it, you can use its ability to react to changes to be extremely beneficial to your results. This simple understanding can free you forever from the trap of never ending dieting or searching for the “perfect diet”.

The truth is there is no perfect diet to discover. The key is to find a diet that works best for your body, personal preferences and metabolism because your metabolism changes in response to your environment. Understanding how it changes is key to becoming a metabolic detective and getting the results you want. This is part of what you’ll learn inside Metabolic Renewal.

The Good

  • Addresses The Metabolism – Any fitness program that shows you how to address your metabolism and maximize fat burn and results is worth trying out.
  • Specifically designed for women – This is definitely a key benefit of the program that would help significantly with your fat loss success.
    Good quality and trust – It is a quality program designed by a qualified expert.
  • Multiple benefits – Besides helping you get a lean, toned body and improving your fat-burning potential, the Metabolic Renewal program would help users fight aging, improve their skin and boost energy.
  • Comes with a guarantee – And if for any reason you are not impressed by it. You’re covered with the money-back guarantee.

The Bad

  • Designed for women only – If you are a guy you might feel left out that you cannot get to try this useful program. But keep in mind that there is another program by Natural Health Sherpa and Jade Teta that men can use to renew their metabolism.
  • Changes your mind and approach to fitness – Requires learning new methods and making a mindset change to approaching weight loss and changing your body differently.


Metabolic Renewal is a good program you would want to get your hands on if you are a woman with any type of weight loss goal. If you’ve realized that your body is changing and getting in shape has become harder, the Metabolic Renewal program may be a good solution for you.

When the program is released return to this page to read our updated metabolic renewal review. We will be going into more details on how the program works.

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