Gain Muscle And Burn Fat In Your Workout To Sculpt A Spectacular Physique

By | September 9, 2013

weight training femaleMany people who want to gain muscle are focused on that one goal only when they start their workout routine in the gym. But if you want a well-sculpted, attractive body you need to also focus on burning body fat to get lean.

Man or woman, your body would look more attractive if you have a low fat level and a good amount of muscle on your body. All the athletes, bodybuilders, entertainers and models that you see with attractive bodies look the way they do due the right fat to muscle ratio of their physiques.

The amount of attention you need to give to burning fat when gaining muscle or vice versa depends on your goals and body type. Unless you are a hargainer who has difficulties  gaining weight you may need to focus on controlling body fat when adding lean mass.

When you are gaining muscle you will need to be in a caloric surplus which can possibly increase your body fat level. One of the ways to minimize this outcome is to include effective fat-burning exercises in your workout routine. And if your program is designed the right way, you could also build some muscle while dropping the fat.

Lifting Weights And Doing Cardio

Weight training is used primarily to maintain and build muscle. But, weight training also burns calories, and you can structure your program to optimize the calorie burning effects of training with weights.

Cardio is very effective for burning fat and used primarily for this purpose.  Cardio should be done in accordance with your goals and body type. Too much or too little cardio may be disadvantageous, so you have to set the variables right for an optimal cardio training program to fit your needs. 

The key to gaining muscle and burning fat from your workout is having a training routine that’s suitable for you. And don’t forget the importance of a proper nutrition plan that also meets your caloric and nutritional requirements.

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