At-Home Workout To Build Lean Muscle In 4 Weeks

at home 4 week workout

Building lean muscle does not mean you have to pay a large sum of money for a gym membership or weight training equipment. You can build muscle at home by using simple tools and your own body weight to create exercises that incorporate the entire body to move in different movement patterns, such as presses, squats, and pull.

Performing these exercises four to five days a week for 15 to 20 minutes for three to four weeks, you should notice your body getting more muscular at the end of the training time. And of course, you know that you need to combine this at-home workout with a good muscle building nutrition plan.

This workout can be used by men and women of any fitness level, but it is ideal for beginners who are aiming to build a good foundation before getting into advanced exercises.

Here are the exercise instructions to get lean muscle with the simple at-home workout:

Multi-Planar Lunges

Perform three sets of 15 lunges on each leg to work the entire lower body.

• Stand with your feet together and step forward with your right foot. Bring down the left knee barely touching the ground. Hold your torso upright. Exhale and push yourself back up to a standing position.

• Step to the right with the right foot and with both feet pointing forward. Bend down and stretch your arms in front of you for balance. Keep left leg straight as you lunge. Do not round your back. Exhale and return to standing position.

• Step behind you with your right foot and lunge down the left knee barely touching the ground. Exhale and push yourself back up to a standing position.


Perform three sets of 10 to 15 reps for your chest, shoulders, arms, and stabilization strength in your abs and hip.

• Put your hands on the ground about shoulder width apart with your legs together on their toes. Keep your head in alignment with the spine, hip and leg.

• Inhale and lower your body until your chest and hip almost touches the ground. Tighten your buttocks to maintain your alignment.

• Exhale and push yourself up without losing alignment.


Perform three sets of 8 to 12 reps for your arms, back, shoulders and stabilization strength in your abs.

• Take a pull-up bar with both hands facing away from you about shoulder width apart.

• Exhale and pull yourself up until your head clears over the crossbar. Do not stick your neck forward or bend the spine.

• Inhale and lower your body down until your arms are completely straight.

Jump Rope Combo

• Stand with your feet together and swing a jump rope below you, jump high enough to clear the rope. Jump on the balls of your feet and toes as you maintain an upright posture and a regular rhythm. Hop at a rate of two hops per second for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds

• Hop side to side four to five inches away from your origin at the same pace for 30 seconds. Do not sway the upper body from side to side as you hop. Rest for 30 seconds.

• Hop to your front and back four to five inches away from your origin at the same pace for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds.

• Repeat steps 1 through 3 4:56 several times. Increase skipping time by 10 seconds of each set. Exercise will help to increase calf muscle definition and increase cardiovascular endurance, which will help to see more definition in the heartland.

Remember this workout was designed to be a simple way to build lean muscle at home in 4 weeks without any expensive gym equipment. Eventually, you’ll need to get into more advanced calisthenics exercises to continue gaining muscle if you want to increase your muscularity.

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