Adonis Golden Ratio Review – John Barban’s Program Looked At!

The Adonis Golden Ratio ReviewThe Adonis Golden Ratio program is one of the top rated, extremely popular fitness programs by trainer and fitness expert John Barban. I take an objective look at Adonis Golden Ratio in this review so that you will find out the benefits it can give to you.

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The Adonis Golden Ratio guide is designed specifically for men and aimed at teaching them how to lose fat and build muscle. But the system is not a generic fat loss and muscle building program. This is a program that incorporates well-researched and cutting edge strategies to enhance the male body shape and structure for a perfect-looking body.

Essentially, it is created to be an optimal guide for men who want to burn body fat and put on lean muscle while at the same time transforming your body into a spectacular male shape that will look attractive in anything you wear, especially to the opposite sex.

Adonis Golden Ratio Review – What is it?

The concept behind Adonis Golden Ratio is that the ratio between a man’s shoulder and his waist greatly determines his physical attractiveness. The “Adonis Golden Ratio” means an ideal proportion of the measurement of a man’s shoulder circumference by his waist circumference.

adonis golden ratio waist  to shoulder measurementIt has been studied that broad shoulders on a man makes him appear more appealing to the opposite sex and commanding to attention. And the only way to get the right broad shoulder appearance is to compare it to the size of the waist which should be smaller but at an ideal size. So in essence, the more a man’s body fits into the parameters laid out by the Adonis Golden Ratio, in terms of shoulder-to-waist measurement, the more attractive it will be.

The Workout And Diet Approach To Get The Adonis Golden Ratio

Of course we know that when it comes to naturally improving your body shape, losing fat and building muscle are the only 2 things that you can do, which requires a diet and workout plan. But the approach of the Adonis Golden Ratio program towards fat loss and muscle building is to focus on the right workout program to give the shoulders the right amount of lean muscle, and focus on keeping the waist measurement proportionally smaller. This requires shredding fat away from the waist as well as avoiding too much muscle gain in this area. And all the rest of the body also have to be lean and muscular to create the right symmetry and physique appeal.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way, losing fat and building muscle is always a good thing even when you are not targeting a specific look like the Adonis Golden Ratio. But it makes sense to aim for the best results when you are working towards a physique improvement.

Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to use a program that is designed to build muscle in the right place and in the right amount to give you your genetically best looking body? Instead of using a generic workout program that’s focus solely on losing fat and building muscle wherever and however it ends up on your body.

The program also incorporates very effective diet and exercise methods for getting rid of that hard to shed body fat, and adding pounds of lean muscle at the optimal rate. So nothing is left out of the program, and it can be used to target individual goals.

John Barban And His Adonis System

The Adonis Golden Ratio review has to report on the creator of the program, so that you can know a little about the person behind this product. The Adonis system author is John Barban who is a professional possessing a fitness degree from the University of Florida. He spent almost 10 years studying the human body, exercise and nutrition, and he also has worked for many large sport supplement companies researching and developing fat loss and muscle building systems.

John Barban Physique Before And After

John Barban Physique Before And After

John has a physique that epitomizes the Adonis Golden Ratio, so he is just one of many living proofs that his system works. John Barban, turned his own bad genetics around by transforming his own body and those of many people in different countries around the world who follow his methods.

Who is the Adonis Golden Ratio Program For?

This workout program is developed for any MALE that wishes to put on lean muscle, burn body fat and develop a good-looking physique. It doesn’t matter what your present body shape is. You could be fat, skinny, muscular, tall or short you’ll be able to use the system to address your situation and transform your body as you want it. It is also worth mentioning that the program is suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced, so prior training experience isn’t required.

The Workout Program Structure

Many people looking at an Adonis Golden Ratio review would want to know the structure of the workout routine. The Adonis Golden Ratio Training System PDF ebook guide has information and the routine on resistance training to allow you to achieve your goals.

adonis golden ratio pdf ebook

The Adonis Golden Ratio training program is outlined in the ebook. And the exercises are demonstrated in videos.

You will be able to start a routine for your individual goals depending whether you need to lose fat and build muscle, lose fat only, or build muscle only. The workout program includes the 12 Week Golden Ration workout routine, but this can be customized according to your situation and goals.

The training program includes more than 70 videos which show you the exercises you need to do in order to make sure you develop the body of an Adonis. Because you will learn about the ratio, you will automatically learn where you need to gain – or lose – inches and you can then pick the exercises that will work on this particular need.

Conclusion: Adonis Golden Ratio Review

So overall, Adonis Golden Ratio is awesome if you want a good looking male body. I have to confess that I am a fan of the Adonis Golden Ratio Workout Program as well as the other products by John Barban, for more than one reason. But for one, the results I saw were great.

This innovative program, is simply one of the best muscle building program available online. I know that because I am constantly looking for quality products to review on this site.

John Barban along with the co-creator of the program kyle Leon have put in the extra effort to provide a system that is based only on proven techniques and tactics. It’s amazing that they able to share this exact blueprint to allow guys to hack their inbuilt DNA and achieve the ultimate physique that will have you standing out from the crowd and women approaching YOU on a daily basis.

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Thanks for clicking through. This is my honest review of 0-6 Pack Abs by Tyler Bramlett and Dr James Vegher that would help you learn if this product will be beneficial to you.

I decided to review this guide and bring it to readers attention, because it is mainly a video and audio abs workout routine that claims to be able to help people develop toned or six pack abs more quickly and effectively than typical abs training programs.

My review of this program will look at the what is including in the program and the promised results. So without further adieu, here are my thoughts.

Name: 0-6 Pack Abs

Author: Tyler Bramlett and Dr James Vegher

Site Address:

Purpose: Everything you need to shrink your waistline and get toned or even 6-pack abs

0-6 Pack Abs Review

What Is It?

First things first, I think a lot of people get confused by digital products like e-books, videos and mp3, especially those that do not consider themselves “techy” type people.

This program is a digital product that includes videos, mp3 audio and ebooks that you get access to via the internet, once you make a purchase. You’ll be able to download and use the content in any way convenient to you.

The video and mp3 files provide a wide range of exercises along with instructions aimed at toning up your abs while you lose the fat. There is a complete video library with every exercise available to watch, learn from, and master.

There is also a quick start guide produced in pdf ebook that will help you understand the theory behind the method and what you need to do to get started quickly.

The workout program is designed to make you build a solid foundation with it’s training methods, and then build further upon that foundation to create stronger abs. The program works through 4 different levels, all with a manual, videos and MP3s to help you learn the exercises no matter where you are or how you learn best. Each level builds upon the last.

Also, there is a bonus package that includes a manual, videos, and MP3s for 56 extra workouts. This will help you build upon your results even further and push yourself to new heights. Every exercise only takes a few minutes to complete, and that makes working out with this method easy and doable for anyone who wants to put in some time to achieve results.

Why Is This Different Than Other Abs Workout Programs?

This is actually the most comprehensive abs program ever, and it is also made extremely simple to use. Tyler Bramlett and Dr James Vegher provided all the details behind successfully shrinking your waistline and getting toned or even 6-pack abs.

In this easy-to-use NEW abs training system you’ll gain the benefits of the series of unconventional ab exercises that completely re-educates the muscles of your core.

This is what I think is great about 0-6 Pack Abs, it is not based on conventional abs training methods.

The reason why the exercises and routines in the program are so much more effective than the typical abs training you see, is because early on in his career James identified 2 BIG MISTAKES that every workout enthusiast, fitness magazine and personal trainer is making.

Simply trying to strengthen your ab muscles using conventional exercises has ZERO effect on your abdominal development and that doing
so can even worsen your posture and make your existing joint problems hurt more.

It has been shown that the first group of muscles to fire during ANY movement are your core muscles? And that if these muscles aren’t working properly, it doesn’t matter how many ab exercises you do because you will never get the waist shrinking results you really want.

The solution to really getting six pack abs is to learn how to reactivate your core by turning to simple but extremely effective exercises that not only shrink your waistline and build toned or even 6-pack abs, but to also help fix your old injuries, improve your posture and make your daily life easier and more enjoyable.

These unique core activation sequences were intuitively created by mother nature and now perfected by science. James has used them to help 100’s of people in his own practice and right now is the first time these exercise sequences have been made available to the public!

Who Will Benefit From Reading The 0-6 Pack Abs?

Anyone who is struggling to get a toned or sculpted midsection will benefit from this program. If you have been trying different routines and exercises to get nice, toned abs but didn’t get the results you wanted, you need to give this system a try.

Anyone who feels totally confused as to what in the hell they should be doing in order to start toning out their abs, this program is for you. I like the way that the program is created because it is easy to follow for a beginner, yet a professional can gain great information on abs training as well.

What Will You Get When You Buy The 0-6 Pack Abs Program?

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get when you decide to get 0-6 Pack Abs.

The Quick Start Video Guide - This detailed quick start video guide will show you EXACTLY what you have to do to reactivate your core and start your journey from 0-6 Pack Abs.

The Exercise Video Library - Find every core activation exercise that James teaches in these easy to follow exercise instructional videos. You’ll find both complete and individual exercise videos so you could watch the whole thing or just work on the exercises you haven’t yet mastered.

Level 1 Manual Video - The phase 1 level 1 Manual, Video and MP3 will be the solution to activating your core. James teaches his foundational core activation exercises in a specific beginner sequence that you can follow along to start shrinking your waistline and building toned or even 6-pack abs today.

Level 2 Manual Video And MP3 - The Phase 1 Level 2 Manual, Video and MP3 builds on the beginner level and teaches you what James calls contralateral core stabilization. What this means for you is a significantly stronger and more coordinated core so you can get better and safer results from your current workouts.

Level 3 Manual Video And MP3 - The Phase 1 Level 3 Manual, Video and MP3 further builds on the beginner and intermediate levels by using longer holds and more challenging activation exercises. During this level, you’ll start to feel your abs like never before and you’ll be preparing yourself for the challenge of the Level 4 sequences.

Level 4 Manual Video And MP3 - The Phase 1 Level 4 Manual, Video and MP3 is the culmination of all the core activation exercises james teaches. By the end of this workout, you’ll not only have a deep sense of connection to your core that you haven’t felt in years but your abs will be on fire. Master this level and say hello to activated abs.


Also, there is a bonus package that comes with the program that includes a manual, videos, and MP3s for 56 extra workouts. This will help you build upon your results even further and push yourself to new heights. Every exercise only takes a few minutes to complete, and that makes working out with this method easy and doable for anyone who wants to put in some time to achieve results.

Is It Worth It?

The 0-6 Pack Abs Workout Program comes with everything you need to start training your abs, hours of video and mp3 that allow you to see exactly how the exercises that worked for many clients, that’s priceless.

I started following Tyler before 0-6 Pack Abs came out, but the principles of what I learned in this system is not parallel with the information that is provided in most six pack abs program out there.

I know that there are many people who are not sure if this guide is going to truly be able to help you to “fix” their midsection problems, but this new program, no matter how you look at it is simply one of the the best abs exercises program available. Period. Trust me because I am constantly looking for quality products to review.

I have obtained enough concrete info to say that there is a really good possibility that these guys could in fact help you.

So, I ask you this, what is your worst case scenario? The cost of the program? What is your best case scenario? Finding the information that is going to set you straight for life in terms of lean, toned abs or six pack abs and maintaining that for life.

Bottom line is this: If you want the answers to your abs struggles struggles. If you want to lose belly fat without plateaus, bumps, or stalls. Check out The 0-6 Pack Abs for yourself.

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How To Build Muscle: A Guide To Naturally Increase Lean Mass

build muscle lean physiqueAre you ready to build muscle to get a more muscular physique? Here is a guide for both men and women to add lean muscle mass to their body.

After putting together the step-by-step guide on How To Get Lean, I thought that it would be necessary to provide a step-by- step guide on how to build lean muscle as well. Because this is the next goal that many people would want to aim for after they successfully drop body fat.

If you use a good program to get lean you should maintain all your muscles and even gain some more muscles in the process. However, some people may not gain the maximum amount of muscle they want from a program primarily designed for losing fat. In such case, it would be necessary to start a well structured muscle building program for increasing muscle mass on your body.

Putting on some pounds of lean muscle on a lean or skinny body will create a strong, healthy and fit physique. Health professionals stated that gaining healthy weight means gaining lean muscle mass. And keep in mind that increasing muscle will also help your body stay lean because more muscle will help increase your metabolic rate, thus helping your body burn more calories daily.

Maintaining A Low Body Fat Level Is Part Of Building Lean Muscle

It’s important to never forget that keeping your body lean is an important part of building a muscular body. Even if you have a good amount of muscle, a high body fat percentage will prevent your muscles from showing up to create impressive muscle definition. If your body fat percentage is higher than average, I recommend focusing on getting lean first, then start working on building more muscle. Without further ado here are the steps on how to build lean muscle that I put together for you.

The Caloric Requirement For Gaining Muscle

Building muscle is one way of gaining body weight. Both types of body mass weight gain (muscle or fat) are subjected to the law of energy balance. According to the law of energy balance, burning more calories than you consume daily results in weight gain. Therefore, if you want to gain muscle you have to set your nutrition plan to include a calorie surplus.

In order to find the right amount of calories that will be a surplus for you, it’s necessary to calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) or calorie maintenance level which is the total number of calories your body burns to sustain itself everyday. Click here to find out how to calculate your TDEE. Once you find your calorie maintenance level then any number above that will be a calorie surplus for you.

Determine The Right Calorie Surplus For Lean Muscle Gain

Any amount of calories that you consume plus the amount you need for your calorie maintenance level will be a calorie surplus. Lets say your calorie maintenance level is 2000 calories, then consuming 2500 calories will give you a surplus of 500 calories.

When it comes to creating a calorie surplus to build muscle the ideal amount should be high enough to allow you to gain weight but not too high to cause excess fat gain. We want to stay as lean as possible when gaining muscle mass to save ourselves additional body fat problems. Most naturally skinny people may not have to worry about fat gain when aiming to build muscle because they usually have difficulties getting enough calories to gain weight.

The right number of calories for each person to gain muscle without fat will vary based on their individual circumstances. However, a general rule to find your required calorie intake for building muscle is 18 calories per pound of your body weight (18 x your bodyweight). This may not always be ideal but it’s a good start.

The total that you get will include an average surplus above your TDEE. Or if you prefer to use your TDEE as the primary guideline for creating your calorie surplus to gain muscle, then you can start with 500 calories above TDEE. An ectomorph (skinny person) may need to add a lot more calories than 500 to their TDEE to gain weight. But you can adjust your calorie intake later on while remaining above your TDEE based on your results after starting out with your program.

Getting The Right Balance Of Macronutrients For Muscle Building

Gaining muscle also requires a careful balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat – these are known as macronutrients and they will be your source of your total amount of daily calories for building muscle. There are different ways by which these macronutrients could be divided up within your total calories to be optimal for each individual based on your specific goals and body type. But it is generally agreed that protein intake should be around 1-1.5 grams per pound of your body weight when trying to gain muscle. You can start with making protein to be around 30% of your total calorie intake, carb 50%, and fat 20%.

build muscle calories and macronutrientsYou may have to test different macronutrient splits to find what works best for you. It would be good for you to learn about macronutrients and how they affect body composition in details to be better able to balance them in a way that will fit your individual needs and goals. I think Tom Venuto did a good objective explanation of macronutrients in his Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle book. He did an entire chapter on each macronutrient explaining the way they affect fat loss and muscle building.

Meal Frequency For Building Muscle

The number of meals that you need to eat per day to build muscle is a debatable subject. However, real world evidence has shown that 5-6 meals per day is a good meal schedule that works well for muscle building success. Bodybuilders and fitness models have been using this meal schedule in their nutrition plan for years. As you know, the bodies that they have is enough proof that this meal frequency works.

Nonetheless, it would be necessary to customize your meal plan to fit your personal preferences and circumstances. If you cannot afford to eat 5-6 meals per day for personal reasons, then sticking with the meal schedule that is reasonable or preferable to you could work as long as you are getting the required amount of calories and macronutrients for gaining muscle.

meal frequency to build muscle

What Foods Should You Eat To Build Muscle?

When it comes to muscle building foods there are a wide variety to choose from to include in your diet for building muscle. The first thing is to ensure that you get the required amount of calories and macronutrients that you need.

Then you may also want to eat foods that would address your individual situation. For example, some people would need to focus on minimizing fat gain with their muscle building diet plan. While other people would have a fast metabolism and find it difficult to gain weight. So they must eat the right foods that would help them them address any issues that may prevent optimal results.

I believe that any foods that contain the nutrients you need for lean muscle building could be included in your muscle building diet, but there are certain foods that stand out and are very popular for including in muscle building diet plans.

These are some of the popular foods for building lean muscle:

  • Proteins: Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk
  • Carbs: Brown rice, oats, whole grain pasta, quinoa
  • Fats: Olive oil, fish oil, real butter, nuts, flax seeds
  • Fruits and Veggies: Banana, orange, apple, pineapple, pears spinach, broccoli, tomato, salad, carrot

To learn the nutritional properties of different foods in order to plan your diet join a food database website such as Myfitnesspal and CalorieKing.

Lifting Weights To Build Lean Muscle

The law of energy balance says that you will gain weight as long as you eat in a calorie surplus. But unless you do proper and consistent resistance training while in a calorie surplus most of the weight that you gain will be fat.

You need to do weight training to get stronger and make progressive overload happen, which will result in lean muscle building. Progressive overload means consistently increasing the work load and resistance needed to stress the muscle for it to grow bigger.

The concept is when you train hard in a workout session and it damages the muscle, you’ll then need to give that muscle rest time to heal and recover. When the muscle heals, it grows slightly bigger in size than the way it was before. Therefore, it would require lifting heavier weights or adding more workload the next time to breakdown the muscle again for further growth. This
is progressive overload which you must maintain through your program to keep growing bigger muscle.

lifting weights to build muscleAll weight training programs to build muscle must be designed to adhere to the fundamental principle of progressive overload. However, there are endless ways to structure a muscle building workout program in terms of scheduling, exercises, reps, sets etc. And it’s important to know that the structure of these different variables would affect the type of results that you get from the workout program. The structure of these variables could affect things such as rate of muscle gain, strength to mass ratio, body symmetry etc.

For example, the program MI40X by Ben Pakulski is a muscle building program that uses a special training technique called Cell Expansion Protocol that leads to faster healing and recovery time. Thus, it promises to help you gain lean muscle faster than normal. So this is a great program for people who want to add a great amount of muscle mass on their body fast.

A workout program like Visual Impact Muscle Building by Rusty Moore is also for building muscle but has a different structure for a different aim. This program is geared towards helping guys build muscle to look stylish and
fashionable. It utilizes strategies to add muscle in selective body parts, then maximizing density and definition for this muscle which is key to muscle aestheticism.

With so many different muscle building programs out that that come with different structure and aim, it’s important to choose a workout program to build muscle that will work well for your specific goals.

There are a lot more to learn about building muscle besides the info provided here, but this guide gave you with the basic information that you can use to start building lean muscle today. 

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