3 Reasons To Bulk Up With Lean Muscle And Minimize Fat Gain

bulk up with lean muscle

Are you curious about gaining muscle and therefore want to know how to bulk up? But you should know that bulking up with lean muscle is the way to go?

Gaining muscle weight can be a solid way to improve your fitness level, boost your confidence and look great. But there are different approaches to gaining muscle. You can use an approach to get lots of fat with the muscle or you can use a different approach to gain lean muscle with minimal fat.

The approach of adding tons of extra calories into your diet is the traditional way of bulking up and may enable you to gain weight fast, but most of the weight would be fat. Despite being a practice often used by bodybuilders, bulking up is not a good idea.

The Reasons You Should Bulk Up With Lean Muscle And Minimal Fat

1. Less Time And Stress Dieting To get Lean: If you gain a lot of fat from your bulking phase the problem is that you will have to diet to lose the fat in what is called the “cutting phase”. But it’s very difficult to diet without losing the muscle that you worked hard to gain.

2. Avoid Risk Of Muscle Loss: Some people may not be fortunate enough to preserve the majority of their lean muscle tissue during their cutting phase. This single disadvantage outweigh any benefits of bulking up because your muscle tissue is so valuable.

3. Staying Lean Year Round: For fitness competitors it’s easier to maintain your shape for competition. If you are very lean in the off season, when it comes to diet about 85% of the battle is over. You will not have to diet as hard for a long period of time which can take a negative toll on your lean muscle mass. Even if you do not compete in bodybuilding and fitness competitions staying lean year round means you’ll be in shape and looking good.

The conventional bulking up may seem easier but it is very costly. Taking the approach to “stay lean” is more beneficial for both athletes and regular people.

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Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Cardio Program Review

 visual impact cardio reviewThe Visual Impact Cardio Program is another one of the unique programs produced by fitness expert Rusty Moore. In this review we’ll look at the benefits of Visual Impact Cardio as well as the downsides of the program. You’ll then be able to know if this guide is something that’ll be useful to help you reach your fat loss goals.

If you look around, you’ll see many cardio workout programs on the market. But many of them are generalized and focused only on the fundamental elements in cardio training such as intensity, duration and frequency.

Rusty Moore’s cardio program employs the right strategies to not only burn fat effectively, but also deals with the specific characteristics of stubborn body fat which could respond differently to fat loss efforts than regular body fat. The program also doesn’t ride the interval training bandwagon as the only cardio method that works effectively.

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Visual Impact Cardio Review – What Is It?

A digital product comprising of downloadable ebooks, Visual Impact Cardio is basically described as a “progressive cardio system” that leads to steady fat loss with minimal sticking points. It includes a strategic workout program that combines steady state and interval cardio, plus it contains deep information on various topics on fat loss. Rusty didn’t just want users to have a workout routine to follow, he also wants persons who went through the course to master the art of losing body fat.

Visual Impact Cardio Workout Program

The workout program is made up of three Complete 8-Week Workout Cycles that will take you from where you are now all the way to your ideal body fat percentage. The cardio workout routines are designed to be very effective. They are called “cycles”, because they last 8 weeks and progress from low intensity to pushing your body to the limits in the final 3-4 weeks.

Some people will hit their fat loss goals after 8 weeks. Other people will simply repeat the cycle 1-2 more times until they hit their fat loss goals.

The Visual Impact Cardio training method involves both steady state cardio and interval training in the workout aimed at helping you get the best fat loss results including losing the last 10-20 pounds of stubborn body fat.

Click Here To Get More Details On The Workout Program

The Educational Benefits

As I said Visual Impact Cardio is not just a routine that tells you what exercises to do, when and how to perform them. That it does well, but you may also appreciate the educational information that Rusty Moore provides in the course in order to educate you so that you can understand the methodology of the program. This will in turn allow you to be in control of the program and even help others with their fat loss goals.

The first 11 chapters in the main ebook are dedicated to explaining fat loss and cardio training, and the next four are the actual training plans for you to follow. Here are some of the main topics that you’ll be educated on.

  • The difference in characteristics between stubborn body fat and regular body fat.
  • The right approach to overcoming stubborn body fat
  • The real truth about steady state cardio vs interval training.
  • Information insulin
  • Separating resistance training and cardio training in your workout program
  • Focusing on a weekly calorie deficit not daily calorie deficit
  • And much more

Visual Impact Cardio Review – The Cons

  • The book is very in-depth (you might need to re-read it a month after reading it the first time)
  • You will need access to cardio machines to get the most out of this course.
  • You’ll need a training journal (diary) as you’ll be dealing with “precise intensity levels” that can’t be memorised.

The Review Conclusion

If you’ve used any of Rusty Moore’s other programs, you’ll have nothing but good expectations of Visual Impact Cardio, because Rusty has proved himself to be a true avid fitness expert that does a lot of serious research to create his programs. The reviews of Rusty other programs reveals customer satisfaction.

The fact that Rusty invests all of his time into each of his products, really shows in this book. If you happen to reach a fat loss sticking point, want to burn off body fat quickly or any other fat loss goal you think is difficult to achieve, then allow Visual Impact Cardio to provide you with up-to-date guidelines, diet advice and workout plans to make you to become a master at burning body fat and keeping the fat off.

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MI40X Review: A Look At Ben Pakulski Muscle Building Program

MI40X Review

Hello and welcome to my MI40X Review. First, you’ll get some quick facts about the program that you can read to get a general idea of what the program is. However, if you want the in depth review just keep on reading.

Quick Facts On MI40X By Ben Pakulski

  • Official website: Click Here
  • What is it: Workout Program And Nutrition Guide For Building Muscle
  • For fitness levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance
  • Main Benefits: Created by a pro-bodybuilder and fitness expert, lots of quality content in text and video, incorporates effective methods to gain muscle optimally and quickly.
  • Special Method: Uses a technique called Cell Expansion Protocol that leads to faster muscle recovery and growth. Promised Results: Gain lean muscle fast, start seeing significant gains within weeks.
  • Creator: Ben Pakulski
  • Customer Report: Generally Positive

Click Here To Get MI40X

Why Consider Getting MI40X?

This course has a full blown plan if you want to gain lean muscle no matter the specific goal. It has an in depth 6 week program along with diet and exercise videos, etc that will give you all the information and guidance you need to build the muscle mass you want naturally and quickly.

If you don’t intend to use the full program to create a full body transformation, you can use the info to achieve smaller goals like improving on lagging body parts or accelerating your recovery time for faster gains.

Mi40x or MI40 xtreme 2.0 is the second in the series of muscle building programs by Ifbb professional Ben Pakulski . The first Mi40 was extremely successful and gathered a lot of positive reviews from users. And now the new and improved MI40 xtreme 2.0 is also receiving a lot of hype from the fitness community.

The MI40X Workout Program makes use of a new cutting edge technique called “Cell Expansion Protocol” or CEP for short. This technique primarily aids in faster cell repair and recovery, which will result in faster muscle gain, so that you get more muscle in less time. This is a newly researched and proven method. The diet and workout program also uses the right methods to
ensure that all your gains will be lean without fat.

One of the key factors for any type of success in fitness is the structure and quality of the program that you are using. If you use a basic or low quality program, then most likely you will get basic and low quality results.

Ben Pakulski’s program is nothing short of high quality. Most reviews on Ben’s programs showed that the first mi40 was very good. Many of those customers saw huge results and was highly impressed with the goldmine of information. And people are saying that this one is even better with more content. Some of these good reports on Ben’s programs came from forums such as bodybuilding.com’s, menshealth.com’s and reddit.com’s which are forums that do not tolerate even the slightest amount of bs. So anything recommended on these forums has to be EXTREMELY good.

Ben Pakulski Mi40x

Ben Pakulski, pro bodybuilder and creator of Mi40x.

Pakulski is an experienced and credible expert in the bodybuilding community who don’t just “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk” in a big way when it comes to putting on muscle. Look at his physique in the picture above, you see for yourself. The man knows his stuff pretty well. He is one of the top go to guys for training advice by people in the beginner to advance level.

Click Here To See Ben Explain The CEP Technique

Who Can Use The Program?

The program is developed for anyone that wishes to put on lean muscle no matter if you are a man or woman, young or old; beginner, intermediate or advance. There are actually three programs; beginner, intermediate and advanced, so no matter your fitness level you are catered for in this very comprehensive program.

Here are just some of the things that different people can do with the MI40 xtreme 2.0

  • Gain muscle all over if you are a skinny beginner
  • Lose fat and gain muscle all over if you possess excess fat
  • Use it selectively on lagging body parts that you want to develop such as shoulders, calves, and upper chest.
  • Use to gain any amount of muscle you want. Could be just a few pounds to tone up or reaching your maximum level of natural muscle gains.
  • Use the new Cell Expansion Protocol method to speed up your recovery time and gain muscle faster.
  • Women can use this info as well, if they want to add lean muscle all over or just specific body parts.

The MI40X Workout Program

Each workout in the MI40X Workout Program is a weight lifting session containing between 3 to 8 exercises that takes a little less than 1 hour to complete. Each week you perform 6 sessions, 1 session each day with 1 rest day. You can also customize the routine to fit your own time and goals.

The workout program employs the “Cell Expansion Protocol”. Ben Pakulski teaches how to do this with a specific type of training. . By using this technique, it places the muscle under a different type of stress that causes the body to respond by increasing the number of nuclei present in the muscle cell.

So what’s the benefit of nuclei increase for gaining muscle?

The short answer is more nuclei in the cell means more protein synthesis, resulting in faster recovery, and more muscle growth in less time. This faster recovery is what makes a “6 days-a-week” program possible.

Click Here To Learn More

Why Cell Expansion Protocol Is An Important Method For Building Muscle

Increasing the muscle cell nuclei is a BIG deal for building muscle mass. We know that the process of muscle cell recovery is one of the most crucial elements in increasing mass. No matter how good your nutrition and training is, if your muscles don’t repair and recover properly this will lead to minimal or no muscle growth.

Pakulski also suggests in the course that the term “genetic limit” is overused, that we should think more along the lines of “genetic starting point”. This sheds new light on why some people may find it hard to gain muscle mass.

It could be that easy gainers simply start off with more nuclei per muscle cell than hard gainers, and that if you have a strong muscle group it simply has more nuclei than a weak muscle group. If you have a body part that is small and stubborn compared to the rest of your body, it could simply mean you have a small amount of nuclei in the muscle cells of that stubborn body part.

What You Get When You Buy Ben Pakulski’s MI40X Program


This is a complete workout program that contains a combination of pdf eBooks and video demonstrations that are all downloadable and accessible through the MI40X workout program website.

The exercise video library is absolutely the best I’ve seen offered in any fitness course. Ben Pakulski has created countless videos on the most effective exercises for each body part. Even if you don’t use the Cell Expansion Protocol method to increase the nuclei in each muscle cell, the exercise videos alone are worth the investment.

Here are the main components you get:


  • 18 video’s where Ben Pakulski demonstrates every single exercise in the program.
  • CEP Training Video Library
  • More video demonstrations of the Cell Expansion Protocol.
  • Bonuses videos

PDF eBooks

  • 7 Day Detox Diet
  • 7 Day Primer Phase
  • CEP Application Guide
  • C.E.P Training Blueprint
  • Exercise Execution Guide
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • FAQ Guide

Click Here To Learn More 

The Good And Bad Points Of MI40X.

The Cons

1. It uses a drawn-out video sales letter. I dislike having to wait a long time like 20 minutes before you can order the product. And there is also no means of fast forwarding the video. I typically just like to get the crucial info and decide whether or not I want the product. Most of the time I pick up new fitness courses if I believe they will bring something new to the table.

2. The sales video uses the typical catch phrases like “It’s not your fault”, “You’ve been lied to” etc. In my opinion all these are unnecessary if you are selling a good product. These catch phrases can create an impression of overhyped marketing tactics to sell a mediocre product. So it’s bad when high quality products like MI40 Xtreme 2.0 uses these and possibly turn off potential buyers who really need the product.

The Pros:

1. The second half of the video sales presentation teaches a lot about the “Cell Expansion Protocol” technique. Even if you don’t get the course it will give you some ideas to build size quickly in stubborn body parts.

2. The course teaches how to increase the number of Nuclei and Mitochondria in a muscle cell. This is the key to adding size to a muscle quickly.

3. The video training library included is incredible! It took me 30 minutes to download all the training videos and he demonstrates countless exercises for each body part.

The MI40X Review Conclusion

The bottom line is the course is outstanding. Ben Pakulski’s training advice are very useful. Ben’s track record means you’re definitely going to be seeing results by following any program he designs. MI40X contains a a gold mine of information on how to actually train properly, so I can assure you that you’re going to be seeing huge results from that.

Ben’s Cell Expansion Protocol method can be beneficial for anyone from beginner to advance because it addresses on of the most crucial areas in the process of building muscle mass. But even if you don’t use The CEP protocol, it’s guaranteed that you will still get results by following the program. I highly recommend you checkout the course.

Get MI40X From This Link

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