The Calisthenics Training Program

Calisthenics Training

Weight training equipment like dumbbells and barbells are no doubt great tools for getting in shape, but calisthenics training offers a lot of benefits that are very useful. You don’t need any equipment except a bar for some exercises, and you can workout anywhere, from your local park to your bedroom. But I think the biggest benefit of calisthenics has over weight training is you get to have a lot of fun performing the exercises. This calisthenics training routine will hit the major muscle groups in your body including abs, chest, legs, back, shoulder, biceps and triceps.

Does This Program Work?

Using bodyweight movements allow you to train multiple muscle groups at a time, which is great for developing strength and muscle. For example, it is easy to look at the simple pushup as working the exact same muscles as the bench press. And by employing the right pushup variations, you can achieve good progressive resistance with this exercise to continue adding to your strength level and muscle mass. One other key factor why you can rely on this calisthenics training program for results is it was created by one of the most recognized names in the calisthenics world – the Bar Brothers. This is one of the programs they have personally used to help build their amazingly ripped physiques.

Directions For This Training Program

According to the bar brothers, they train 3-5 days per week, 1-2 hours per session. You can split these routines through out the week, either 1 or 2 routines a day, whatever works best for you.

You can also customize the program to your personal needs whether you are a beginner, intermidiate or advanced. You can pick out the exercises that help you the most or what you prefer to do. you can also adjust the reps and workout schedule to fit your fitness level and personal preferences.

The Exercise Demonstration Video

Here is the training video that shows you how to perform each exercise in the program.

1 Six Pack Abs Workout

15 regular crunches
15 in and outs
15 full length toe touches
10 each side full length side toe touches
side to side holds (30 seconds)
Sitting hold with leg kicks (30 seconds)
Sitting hold (30 seconds)
Horizantal plane hold (30 seconds)
Then do as many cruches as you can to burn out set.
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

Extra you can add with bar:
15 knee raises
15 straight leg raises
15 straight leg pushes
15 extended leg raises to bar
15 second straight leg holds
Then do as many straight leg raises as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

2 Bigger Chest Workout

15 pushups inner
15 pushups regular
15 pushups outer
15 spider walk pushups
15 hindu pushups
15 explosive clap pushups
7 seconds down 7 seconds up pushups
Then do as many pushups as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending ou your level

3 Full Leg Workout

Stretch and run 1/2 mile to warm up
15 squats
15 one leg squats on each leg
21 calf raises (7 inner, 7 regular, 7 wide)
run stairs for 2 minutes
15 explosive squat jumps
1 minute wall sits, then as many squats as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depening on your level

4 Back/Shoulder/Biceps/Triceps Workout

15 wide pulups
15 bicep pullups
15 dips on top of bar
15 inner pullups
15 second hold on bar
15 dips
30 second handstand against wall for support
15 handstand pushups if you can
15 wide muscle ups if you can
Then do as many pullups as you can to burn out the set.
Do 4-8 sets depending on yur level

5 Kuki Routine

1 pullup
1 muscle up
1 pullup
1 muscle up
1 pullup
1 muscle up
5 dips on bar
6 leg lifts
15 second 90 degree pullup hold
Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

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Why A Man’s Waist To Shoulder Ratio Matters In Muscle Building

Perfect Proportions For MenMost information on building muscle for men will show how to gain muscle and lose fat using the essentials like weight training, cardio and nutrition. These are definitely important fundamental factors that guys need to know to get in shape. However, you don’t here a lot of people talking about perfect body proportions or the importance of the ratio of a man’s waist to shoulders when getting in shape. While building muscle and losing fat are the main two things for improving body composition, getting your body into the right proportion can have tremendous impact on the shape and look of your lean muscular body.

In this article, I want to tell you why it’s important to pay attention to the ratio of your waist to shoulders if you want to build your perfect, most attractive body.

The Concept Of The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is expressed mathematically as 1:1:618. It is believed by many to be nature’s secret to perfection. For over 2000 years artists used the Golden Ratio in their artwork, and believe it is the number that governs beauty. Today, the golden ratio is used in many different industries including architecture, fashion and geometry.

Here’s what a fashion company that sells stylish handbags wrote about the Golden Ratio.

“The golden ratio attributes an aesthetic character to objects synonym with balance, harmony, and beauty because of its sound, its emotional charge, its visual and graphic balance. The sense of harmony that transmits being a palindrome number and representatives of this number in the philosophy of the brand, as well as its relationship with nature and architecture.”

The Golden Ration And Men’s Body 

Unlike many professionals who work in the fitness industry, John Barban is a popular fitness expert who is deeply focused on the golden ratio. He believes this is the science behind having the perfect male body proportions that allows a man to have his most attractive physique. He calls this special proportion on a man’s body the Adonis Golden Ratio. John even created a, now very popular muscle building program, that is geared towards men who want to get this precise shape and the benefits that follow it.

John wrote on the program’s website about the AGR. “It’s a form of perfect proportion proven to elicit strength, power, admiration, and magnetic attraction from females. This male form was subconsciously acknowledged by great artists in history like Michelangelo’s sculpture of David to Greek Mythology’s Chiseled Gods like Adonis and all the way up to modern day Hollywood”.

He also let guys know that they can get into this form by following the right fitness guidelines no matter the type of body or genetics they have.

“And what’s weird is that it’s been shown that any guy, with any body type or genetics can achieve this proportion and the limitless advantages that naturally follow”.

It Also Makes Achieving Your Fitness Goals Easier 

According to John, getting your body into the parameters of the Adonis Golden Ratio can also help you lose fat and build muscle easier.

“What’s astonishing is that losing fat and increasing lean muscle, strength and performance is exceptionally easier and faster when you achieve this proportion because your body is in its strongest, most natural form evolution meant for it to be in. The further you are from your Adonis Golden Ratio the more painstakingly difficult losing fat and building lean muscle becomes because you’re not in the form your evolutionary genetics intended for you to be in”.

Changing Your Waist to Shoulder Ratio To Get The AGR

Anywhere a man’s waist to shoulder ratio falls is his Adonis Index. Therefore, optimizing your Adonis Index is the way to get your waist and shoulder measurement closer to your Adonis Golden Ratio, which should be 1:1.618. What this means is your shoulders should be about 1.618 times bigger than your waist in inches to have the perfect proportion. Example, a 30″ waist and 48.5″ shoulders on a man’s body is an Adonix Index that has the Golden Ratio.

Now, the way to optimize your Adonis Index is to lose fat and build muscle. But you need to use the right program that is structured correctly to help you get a lean muscular body with the AGR. Certain nutrition and training approaches like “bulk and cut” and “big lifts focused training” could make it more difficult for you to get your perfect proportions. Luckily, John Barban’s muscle building program is still available on the market, and it is the only program that is specifically designed to help guys lose fat and build muscle to get their perfect AGR body.

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Bar Brothers The System Review – Is It Right for You?

This is my review of Bar Brothers The System to look through what this calisthenics program is all about, and help you figure out if this program is right for you.

Note: This is just a review post. If you want to see the full details of the program click here to visit the official website.

Bar Brothers The System is a complete calisthenics program that aims to help men and women transform their mind and body. I decided to do a review on this program because calisthenics is a fun, efficient and cheap way to get in shape. However, it’s not easy to find good programs in this category in the fitness market.

Many people believe it’s not possible to get ripped with bodyweight training alone, but that is not true. You can build a great amount of strength and muscle by using nothing but bodyweight workouts. On top of that calisthenics is great for burning fat, increasing flexibility and improving cardiovascular health. But it can only be done by applying the proven methods that are effective and progressive.

What Is Bar Brothers The System?

Bar Brothers System is a complete calisthenics program that aims to help men and women transform their mind and body. The program is structured as a 12 week step-by-step system created for empowering and guiding you to get in great physical and mental shape. The program has been created by the Bar Brothers workout team. These guys are world renowned calisthenics experts who have used their real life experiences as one of the driving forces for creating this system to help other people.

Is It Worth It?

There are only a few good calisthenic programs in the fitness market, the Bar Brothers System is simply the best I’ve seen. After reviewing the program, I was very impressed with the planning and thought that went into putting the system together. It looks good for helping users benefit from creative bodyweight training and become motivated for working out and being better at life.

Bar Brothers The System really is a nicely designed and organized calisthenics program that is easy for anyone to follow. The quality of the content and the overall value of the product is excellent. Everything is explained in great detail. You are helped step by step to understand the fundamentals and advanced exercise techniques. The motivational aspect is also very helpful. I can see new members using this system to reach great levels in both physical fitness and mental motivation.

What You Get Inside

Bar Brothers The System is available in the form of a membership website with over 100 videos, nutrition and workout plans, motivational quotes, community support and customer support. There will be no items to ship, therefore you don’t have to wait for anything before you can start using the program. Also, this product is not sold in stores. It is only available on the official website.

Once you join you receive a login that can be used to access your account at any time. Inside you get to look at over 100 different videos and other program components.

Bar Brothers The System Workout

The System is a step-by-step 12 week online course that is designed to transform your mind and body if you follow it. This is accomplished through weekly motivational quotes and daily calisthenics workouts. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced people. This is because the program was structured for you to master the 5 fundamental calisthenics exercises (Pullup, Pushup, Situp, Squat, and Dip.)

This would lead to users having a strong base so that you can achieve many advanced exercises like the muscle up, front lever, back lever, handstand pushups, and pistol squat weeks later. Mastering these advanced moves would make you feel amazing like the many people who have used the Bar Brothers System and made good progress.

The Benefits of Calisthenics

Through the years calisthenics or natural body weight training has been getting more and more popular. There are many ways by which one can benefit from calisthenics and body weight training both mentally and physically. The numerous benefits of calisthenics include fat loss, muscle building, health improvement, enjoyment, motivation, increase energy, and improvement in flexibility. But in order to get all these benefits from calisthenics we have to learn the right way to do it and do it properly. We now have Bar Brothers The System to help us in this area.

Bar Brothers The System Review Conclusion

Many men and women around the world who followed the methods given to them by the Bar Brothers got amazing results. Many people who were out of shape and unmotivated, completely transformed their mindset and their body into into lean, ripped physiques.

I must admit that Bar Brothers The System uses a very good method that could work well for anyone to get lean and muscular. And knowing what the guys behind the program already achieved for themselves and other people, I strongly recommended trying out the system.

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